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General Science, Organizations, Lists

Aha! Los Alamos server | ANPA Science , Alternative Natural Philosophy Association (Pierre Noyes) | Beyond2000 - science news | Biomed Research Tools | Engineering - wszystkie działy | Frontier Sciences Center and Frontier Perspectives Journal | Inst. for Scientific Information (current contents, science citation index) | Knovel Eng & Sci References | Medline Info | Science Net | Boundaries of Science Webring |
Varia Michael A. Cohen Highlights of Modern Science (ironic) | Alan D. Sokal articles debunking postmodernism | Science wars (mostly Sokal related) | SCIgen - An Automatic CS Paper Generator |
Supereducation: Coursera | Udacity | edX |

In Poland
MNiSW, KBN | list of KBN national grants | OPI database | IEEE PL
Center for Technology Transfer (Gdańsk) |


The Armchair Scientist | BioMedNet News | CNN Science News | Dziennik Internetowy PAP - Nauka | EurekAlert | Exploration Network | (Discovery), Focus (G) Helios Science News | InScight | NanoTech News | The Scientific World (articles 1965-now) | New Scientist | Science Channel | Science Daily | UniSci | ScienceNOW | Science Daily |



Scientific approaches to consciousness .
ICRL HomePage, International Consciousness Research Laboratories
The Institute for Consciousness Research
Tucson II Conference, New Scientist report
Tucson Consciousness conferences
"Orch OR" Model for Consciousness , Hameroff and Penrose
Endogenous light nexus theory of consciousness
Deep Spirit , C. de Quincey
From science to God , Peter Russell
James Austin on Zen and the Brain , Wiki entry
Suzan Blackmore on Zen
Alan Wallace , buddhism and science

International Shamatha Project, an international Buddhist research project modeled after the Human Genome Project, to explore the most effective methods for achieving shamatha. I

Transpersonal Psychology

Virtual Library Resources on Transpersonal Psychology
Association For Transpersonal Psychology
Explore Transpersonal Psychology
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Neural Surfer - transpersonal and mystical information
Transpersonal Organizations & Journals
Institute of Transpersonal Psychology
Transpersonal Counseling Psychology Department , Naropa Institute
JFK University TP program
Consciousness and Transpersonal Psychology , Liverpool University
Oxigeme , TP programs in Spain

Transpersonal Links

Guide to the Transpersonal Internet | Transpersonal Psychology Links (Andrew) | Transpersonal Psychology Links (John Davis, includes course on TP) | Virtual Library resources | Yahoo Transpersonal Links | Academic Approaches to Mysticism Bibliography |
Exceptional Human Experience Network
Charles Tart excellent page and his Archives of Scientists' Transcendent Experiences

Transpersonal Journals

International Journal of Transpersonal Studies , open and free | IJTP old site | Journal of Transpersonal Psychology | Mind's Eye | TASTE Journal - scientist's transpersonal experiences | The Journal Of Psychospiritual Transformation
Interesting articles:
Buddhism and the Brain , Neural Basis for the Consciousness and the Self.
Buddhist Philosophy of Science
Mind and Life Institute , excellent papers
Investigating the mind - Dalaj Lama conference

Psychology of Religion

Psychology of Religion Journals
William James , and his The Varietes of Religious Experience | Wikipedia info on the book
Bergson, James, Emerson, Tart, Steindl-Rast and others

Museum of World Religions
Encyclopedia of Religion and Society
Religious movements library
Mind and Life Institute , Buddhism-science discussions.
Atheist Central defies superstition.
Brights movement , atheist organization.
Philosophy of religion .

Theology and related fields

ESSSAT - European Society for the Study of Science And Theology - Templeton (John) Foundation sponsoring work on the "biggest questions", including those at the science-religion interface.
Annotated Bible (skeptical) | Crime and punishment in the Bible
Council on Spiritual Practices
Centrum Kopernika Badan Interdyscyplinarnych (Jagiellonian University and the Papal Theological Academy, run by Michal Heller).
Counterbalance Foundation (genetics, ethics, neuro - debates) | intro
Ethics and Public Policy Center
Inner Explorations, Christian Theology and Morality
IRAS , Institute on Religion in the age of science
Meta-list on science and religion
New Geneva theologians , revolutionizing church
Encyclopedia Mythica
Tipler Frank , Omega point etc
Science and Theology News
Summa Theory, New Paradigm Foundation
In Polish: Jezus historyczny | Losy Religii .
Neurotheology From Cognitive Liberty | Shamanism and neurotheology | Spirituality & The Brain , Todd Murphy, Pensinger's lab | Neurotheology in Wikipedia |
Beyond Belief 2006 (vdeos from Nov. 2006 Salk institute meeting) |


World Transhumanist Association , including The Journal of Transhumanism; | | Transhuman Page | Transhuman Web Alliance | Transhuman Web Links
TransDot - technology trends
Extropy Institute - przedłuż swoje życie i rozwiń inteligencję (extend live, augment your intelligence) | Extropy OnLine - journal about extropii | Extropy Art - extropic art | Yahoo links | Transvision conference 2000 |
Nik Bostrom , Transhumanist FAQ |
In Polish (po polsku): Transhumanizm |
Frontier Organizations |
Naturalism , new movement.
The Church of Reality , based on doubt, not faith ...
International Journal of Happiness and Development (IJHD)

Paranormal and Skeptical issues

James Randi Educational Foundation and his million dolar prize for demonstration of paranormal of supernatural abilities.
In Polish: Randi oferuje ponad milion dolarów nagrody za demonstracje zjawisk paranormalnych; nie piszcie proszę do mnie w sprawach paranormalnych, demonstrujcie je Randiemu! Jak tylko komuś uda się otrzymać nagrodę od razu porzucę swój sceptycyzm. Na razie na parapsychologię po prostu nie mam czasu, obserwuję brak postępu w tej dziedzinie od 1970 roku, przy niewspółmiernym zainteresowaniu mediów.

Anomalous Cognition
A Course in MiraclesŽ - ACIM
Bible Code , Kod Biblii - w księgarniach leży sporo kłamliwych ksišżek na ten temat | Torah codes
Brian Josephson - Mind/Matter Unification Project
Boundary Institute
California Institute of Integral Studies Homepage
Controlled Remote Viewing
Consciousness Research Laboratory
Ghost Web , photos, recording, stories
Edinburgh University Parapsychology Lab
eJAP - electronic Journal of Anomalous Phenomena
Inner Viewing , remote viewing
Journal of Scientific Explorations and Society for Scientific Exploration
Kidnapped By UFOs? (NOVA)
Kundalini Resource Center (US Mainland Site)
Laboratories for Fundamental Research
Maharishi Vedic University , levitation, TM-Sidhi program
PEAR, Princeton University Anomalous Research
Science and Spirit Journal
Spiritual experiences and the brain
Spirit-WWW, Spiritual Consciousness on WWW
Spirit and the Sky , collection of links on spiritual things, NDE etc
Synchronicty - Vic Mansfield page
The Yoga Institute - Shri Yogendra's Centenary

OOB, NDE, reincarnation cases | International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) | NDE FAQ | NDE - Near Death Experiences bibliography | Survival science org | NDE Lancet article , interview |, afterlife experiments , Gary Schwartz
Children's Past Lives Research Center |
The spiritual doorway blog, Kevin Nelson research on NDE.
Soul weighted by dr MacDougall
Astral Projection Home Page

Skeptical pages

CSICOP: Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal
Guide to cold reading , Ray Hyman | Cold reading , Skeptic Dictionary |
Critical thinking , HK project Dreaming the Future , divination, prophecies ...
Free Inquiry (secular humanist magazine)
False Memory Syndrome
Parascope , attractive and usually critical Web site
Pseudoscience, paranormal, skeptics (Syracuse Uni)
Quackwatch, sceptics on paramedicine
SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography , simple explanation of many mysterious phenomena
Skeptical Inquirer , CSICOP Magazine
Skeptics Electronic Resources
Skeptics Society and their Skeptic magazine
*The Skeptic's Dictionary and the Skeptic's Refuge
//The Skeptic magazine// (UK)
WHY-FIles, NY Skeptics

Racjonalista (in Polish), ".. tropi absurdy, przesądy, szarlatanerię, uprzedzenia, paradoksy, kłamstwa, fobie i głupotę towarzyszące nierozerwalnie naszemu życiu: w słowie i w czynie, w prasie, radiu, telewizji i Internecie"
Biuletyn Sceptyczny , nareszcie coś sceptycznego po polsku!

Para-medical, healing

Office of Alternative Medicine (OAM), National Institutes of Health
Alternative Medicine, Internet Resources
Alt-MEDMarket: Alternative Health, Complementary Medicine, Nutrition, Fitness
AltMed Web Home Page
Holistic Healing
Homeopathy Home Page
Herb Research Foundation - Herbs and Herbal Medicine for Health
Kinesiology Web
Kirlian Photography , krytyczne oecny alternatywnych praktyk
The Reiki Page | Reiki with trust |
Scientific and Medical Network
The Vital Energy Home Page (various subtle energies)

Mind-body interactions)

ARCoBeM , Applications and Research of Cognitive-Behavioral Medicine
Behavioral medicine , interactions of the physical & social environment, cognition, behavior and biology in health and illness. | NLP - Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) | NLP Resources , FAQ | Skeptics on NLP
PsychoNeuroImmunology (PNI) Resources on the Internet | PNI Research | Psychoneuroimmunology News | PNI Research Society
Psychosomatic society
Rupert Sheldrake , animal telephaty
Scientific and medical network , Mystics and Scientists
Social Neuroscience Laboratory
TranceWorks , Books on Hypnotism, Hypnotherapy, NLP, and Related Subjects

Quantum computations

Quantum Computation | Quantum Computation/Cryptography at Los Alamos | Zeilinger and Co |
Quantum Approaches to Consciousness , August 1999

Roger Penrose Society

Bit-string physics: A Finite and Discrete Approach to Natural Philosophy, Pierre Noyes, J C van den Berg (eds) | Digital Physics

Physical Reality , EPR, Bell inequality etc
Bell's Theorem in details .
God-does-not-play-dice , physics of human intention.
Quantum neural computing
Quantum Neural Computation (UK) | Learning in Non-superpositional Quantum Neurocomputers | Quantum Neural Computing Study (Brasil) |
NeuroQuantology Journal
Other unconventional computing
Reaction-diffusion processor (UK) | Immunocomputing (UK) | Kirchhoff-Lukasiewicz Machines (Mills, Indiana) |
Extended Analog Computer(EAC) , (Mills, Indiana) | EAC XOR demo | Analog-based artificial life simulation |

Various topics relevant to mind book reviews on mind, evolution etc.
Bridges: math connections in art and science
Ciekawe organizacje (lista z
Center "Leo Apostel" : music, science, arts, global brain, foundations of science
Closer to truth - TV show , mind-brain, ESP
CTI Centres Primary Contacts
Cognition as compression and Computing as compression
ConsciousNet New Age Information and Services
Edge Magazine - the edge of world's knowledge.
Empowerment Now! - motivation & inspiration training
Enlightenment Magazine , Maharishi.
Enformy: general theory of holistic systems
Etyka i polityka społeczna
ErgoWeb: The Place for Ergonomics
Defining wisdom (Uni Chicago)

Creationism vs evolution:
Evolution vs. Creationism | Skeptical Creationism | Evolution research news
Holy Smoke
Understanding evolution , for teachers

Various interesting papers:
Extraordinary Popular Delusions And The Madness Of Crowds (book)
Help with Strange Experiences (Judy Tart)
Happiness, World Database | History of knowledge | Dictionary of the history of ideas | Dictionary of the history of ideas | Journal of Happiness Studies
Institute of Noetic Sciences | Noetic Sciences Strategic Partners and Links
Institute of Advanced Thinking
Kreacjonisci w Polsce | Life Extension Site - health issues and more
MAD Scientist Network answers all your questions
Mindpower news
Nanotechnology - Foresight Institute
Neuroscience and the Human Spirit
Neutronics Technologies
Quantum Psychology Project
Quantum Theory of the Holy Trinity (Jacyna-Onyszkiewicz)
Mike Towler's graduate lecture course on the foundations of QM, Bohmian mechanics (Cavendish lab).
RapidReader : Speed Reading Software
Reason in Revolt : Marxist view on development of life, cognition and science
Science Without Bounds (Art D'Adamo, book)
Sleep paralysis and UFOs
Society for Human Sexuality
SpeedLearning, Self Improvement Courses
Waking Up - Scientific American
Whole Systems
TREC, Text Retrival , NIST conference
Other interesting journals


Alternative Energy Institute, Inc. , good overview of energy resources
Scientific American new energy age

Free Energy Revolution
Free Energy Page (Summeria)
Cars running on water | Garret carburator
Radiant Energy Research
Weird Physics
Andrea Rossi’s Nickel-Hydrogen Cold Fusion technology (2010-11):
Cold Fusion Now ! | Journal of Nuclear Physics | Low Energy Nuclear Reactions |

Energy from Vaccum

Institute for Advanced Studies at Austin (Puthoff)
Vacuum for Spaceflight (Puthoff)

Bioscience , biotech, pharmaceutical
Bioview - biotechnology/pharmaceutical
DNA testing
Nanoworld - image database
Genome Gateway, Nature
Gene Stories BBC
Physics of Life (Elsevier)
Institute for Scientific Films


Links to organizations interested in futurology
BT Exact , futurology
Beyond 2000
Plausible Future Newsletter , good links
Future of AI , Ray Kurzweil | Kurzweil Technologies , cybernetic poet. Welcome to the Distant Future! Wild imagination.
Starlab - zamknięty!
IBM research labs
Center for the Study of Technology and Society
Digital city urban simulations
Gapminder world statistics

Non-traditional education

Wiki Alternative education
A.S Neill Summerhill school | Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)
Arteterapia .

Jokes and humor in science

Computer reads your thoughts!
Math humor

Other interesting pages:
Knowledge Web , James Burke Institute for Innovation in Education.
Open Access Initiative , free all scientific information!
Prestige factors for many journals
Journal of Interesting Negative Results in Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning

Freakonomics - the hidden side of everything.

Lists of hopeless theories - R. Streater (KCL).
Find any date in Pi series
Feynman lectures

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