Krzysztof Grąbczewski

Department of Informatics

Nicolaus Copernicus University

ul. Grudziądzka 5, 87-100 Toruń, Poland

phone: +48 56 6113306
fax: +48 56 6221543

My recent book

"Meta-Learning in Decision Tree Induction", Studies in Computational Intelligence, Vol. 498, Springer 2014, XVI, 343 p. 33 illus.

The book contains:
  • a review of DT induction methods,
  • a presentation of Intemi - a new geneeration machine learning environment designed for meta-learning tasks,
  • a review of meta-learning approaches,
  • some new meta-learning algorithms.

Research Fields

GhostMiner - a data mining tool designed and implemented in cooperation with Norbert Jankowski, Włodek Duch, other colleagues from the Department and FQS Poland.

Selected upcoming conferences on computational intelligence

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