IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks: Instructions for Reviewers

  1. Submissions must be sent to me at the address "duch" at the IEEE server "". by electronic mail in either plain text (ASCII), LaTeX, RTF or Word formats.
  2. At the top please give the following items:

    1. The title of the book (in bold face)
    2. by the A. B. Author and C. D. Otherguy.
    3. (City: Publisher, Year, name of series if applicable, the number of pages in the book, hard or softbound, the ISBN).
    4. Reviewed by Y. U. R. Name, affiliation and email

    For example:
    Feedforward Neural Network Methodology by T. L. Fine. (New York: Springer-Verlag, Inc., 1999, series on Statistics for Engineering and Information Science, 340 pages, hardbound, ISBN 0-387-98745-2). Revived by P.C. Kainen and V. Kurkova.
  3. Please use the general style of Transactions for references etc.
  4. Reviews should be not more than 6000 characters long; a single column in TNN has about 3000 characters.
  5. Please keep end notes to an absolute minimum.
  6. Please send you review in electronic form (LaTeX, Text, DOC) to my email address: email id "duch", at the IEEE server "".

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