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Published reviews.

Book Title Author(s) Publisher TNN issue Reviewer
Learning kernel classifiers, theory and algorithms Ralf Herbrich MIT Press, 2002, Vol 19(11), 1990-1990, 2008 Reviewed by Cecilio Angulo
Numerical Solutions of Stochastic Differential Equations P.K. Kloeden, and E. Platen, Springer, 2008 Vol 19(11), 1991-1991, 2008 Reviewed by Francesco Gianfelici
Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling of Physiological Systems Vasilis Z. Marmarelis Wiley, 2004 Vol 19(10), 1839-1840, 2008 Reviewed by Francesco Gianfelici
Complexity Explained Peter Erdi Springer, Complexity Series, 2008 Vol 19(8), 1499-1499, 2008 Reviewed by Wlodzimierz Klonowski
Neurodynamics of Cognition and Consciousness Leonid I. Perlovsky and Robert Kozma (eds) Springer, 2007 Vol 19(6), 1142-11442, 2008 Reviewed by Peter Erdi
Robot Brains. Circuits and Systems for Conscious Machines. Pentti O. Haikonen Wiley 2007 Vol 19(5), 925-926, 2008 Reviewed by Wlodzislaw Duch
Adaptive Approximation Based Control: Unifying Neural, Fuzzy and Traditional Adaptive Approximation Approaches, Jay A. Farrell, Marios M. Polycarpou J Wiley 2006 Vol 19(4), 731-732, 2008 Reviewed by Edgar Sanchez
Complex-Valued Neural Networks: Theories and Applications. Akira Hirose, ed Springer 2006 Vol. 19(3), p. 544, 2008 Reviewed by George M. Georgiou
Nearest-Neighbor Methods in Learning and Vision, eds G. Shakhnarovish, T. Darrell, P. Indyk MIT Press 2005 Vol. 19(2), p. 377, 2008 Reviewed by Francesco Gianfelici.
Pattern Recognition. Sergios Theodoridis and Konstantinos Koutroumbas 3rd Ed, Academic Press 2007 Vol. 19(2), p. 376, 2008 Reviewed by M. Margaliot
Computational Auditory Scene Analysis: Principles, Algorithms, and Applications, eds DeLiang Wang, G.J. Brown J Wiley 2006 Vol. 18(6), p. 199, 2008 Reviewed by J. Rouat
FPGA Implementations of Neural Networks Amos R. Omondi, Jagath C. Rajapakse (Eds.) Springer 2006 Vol 18(5), 1550, 2007 Reviewed by Christof Teuscher
Uncertainty and Information: Foundations of Generalized Information Theory G.J. Klir Wiley 2006 Vol 18(5), 1551-1551, 2007 Reviewed by Eulalia Schmidt
Combining Pattern Classifiers: Methods and Algorithms Ludmila I. Kuncheva J. Wiley Vol 18(3), 964-964, 2007 Reviewed by Ethem Alpaydin
Introduction to Stochastic Search and Optimization James C. Spall J. Wiley Vol 18(3), 964-965, 2007 Reviewed by Wieslaw Nowak
Towards a Unified Modeling and Knowledge-Representation based on Lattice Theory Vassilis G. Kaburlasos Springer 2006 Vol 18(3), 965-966, 2007 Reviewed by Gerhard Ritter
Image Processing: Principles and Applications, Tinku Acharya, Ajoy K. Ray J Wiley Vol 18(2), 610-610, 2007 Reviewed by Francesco Camastra
Intelligent Control Systems Using Computational Intelligence Techniques, ed. by A. Ruano IEE Control Series Vol 18(2), 611-612, 2007 Reviewed by Danil V. Prokhorov
Data Mining with Computational Intelligence Lipo Wang and Xiuju Fu Springer, Berlin, copyright 2005, ISBN 3-540-24522-7 Vol. 17(3), p. 826, 2006 Reviewed by Jacek Zurada
Soft Computing and Intelligent Systems Design, Theory, Tools and Applications. Fakhreddine Karray and Clarence W. de Silva Addison Wesley, Pearson Education Limited, Essex, England, 2004, 560 pages, hardbound Vol 17(3), p. 825, 2006 Reviewed by Wail Gueaieb
Complex-Valued Neural Networks: Theories and Applications. Akira Hirose, ed World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd., Singapore 2003 Vol. 17(2), p. 534, 2006 Reviewed by Igor Aizenberg
Nonlinear predictive control, theory and practice B Kouvaritakis, M Cannon, ed The Institution of Electrical Engineers, 2001 Vol. 17(2), 535, 2006 Reviewed by Francesco Camastra
What is Thought? Eric Baum MIT Press 2003 Vol. 17(1), p. 269, 2006 Reviewed by Izabela Brzezinska and Roman Slowinski
Flexible Neuro-Fuzzy Systems: Structures, Learning and Performance Evaluation L. Rutkowski Kluwer Academic Publishers 2004 published 17(1), Jan 2006, 270 Reviewed by Adam E. Gaweda
Computational intelligence processing in medical diagnosis eds. M Schmitt, et al Physica Verlag, Springer, 2002 8/03, published 16(4), July 2005, 1006-1006 Reviewed by Lino Ramirez
Medical Image Understanding Technology R. Tadeusiewicz, M. Ogala Springer Verlag, Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing series, 2004 11/04, published 16(4), July 2005, 1007- 1008 Reviewed by E. Micheli-Tzanakou
Algorithmic Inference in Machine Learning B. Appoloni, D. Malchiodi, S.Gaito, Advanced Knowledge International, Adelaide 8/04, published 16(4), July 2005, 1007- 1007 Reviewed by Witold Pedrycz
Handbook of Neural Network Signal Processing Hu, Hwang CRC 2002 8/04, published 16(3), May 2005, 780- 780 Reviewed by Dharmendra Lingaiah
Learning with kernels. B Scholkopf, A Smola MIT, Ann Twiselton, atwiselton|| 8/04, published 16(3), May 2005, 781- 781 Reviewed by Amir Atiya
Computational Intelligence, An Introduction Andries P Engelbrecht J Wiley 2002 8/04, published 16(3), May 2005, 780- 781 Reviewed by L. Wang
Computational Intelligence in Games Norio Baba and Lakhmi Jain (Eds.); Studies in Fuzziness and Soft Computing, Janusz Kacprzyk (series ed.), vol. 62, Physica-Verlag, Springer, Heidelberg, New York 2001 4/04/04, published 16(2), March 2005, 509- 510 Reviewed by Jacek Mandziuk
Neural Networks and Intellect: Using Model-Based Concepts Leonid Perlovsky Oxford University Press, 2001, pp. 469 31/03/04, published 16(2), March 2005, 511- 511 Reviewed by Igor Ternovskiy and John Ternovski
Soft Computing in Communications L. Wang (ed) Springer, 2004 passed 25/03/04, published 16(2), March 2005, 510- 510 Reviewed by Kate Smith
Data Mining. Multimedia, Soft Computing, and Bioinformatics. Sushmita Mitra and Tinku Acharya J. Wiley, 2004 16(1), Jan 2005, pp. 286 Reviewed by Witold Pedrycz
Reinforcement Learning: An Introduction R. S. Sutton, and A. G. Barto MIT Press, 1998 16(1), Jan 2005, pp. 285 Reviewed by Oliviero Barana
Evolving Connectionist Systems: Methods and Applications in Bioinformatics, Brain Study and Intelligent Machines (Perspectives in Neural Computing) N. Kasabov Springer, 2003 16(1), Jan 2005, pp. 286 Reviewed by Ng, Geok See
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems : Feedforward Neural Network Perspectives Simon Haykin Irwin Sandberg James Lo Craig Fancourt Jose Principe Wiley, John & Sons 15(1), Jan 2004, pp. 226 Reviewed by Héctor Zenil Chávez
Differential Neural Networks for Robust Nonlinear Control A S Poznyak, E N Sanchez, Wen Yu World Scientific 15(1), Jan 2004, pp. 226-227 Reviewed by F. Camastra
Neural Engineering: Computation, Representation, and Dynamics in Neurobiological Systems. Eliasmith, C. and C. H. Anderson MIT Press, 15(2), March 2004, pp. 528-529 Reviewed by Peter Erdi
Independent Component Analysis A. Hyvärinen, J. Karhunen, E. Oja J. Wiley 15(2), March 2004, pp. 529-529 Reviewed by K-R Mueller
Qualitative Analysis and Synthesis of Recurrent Neural Networks A. N. Michel and D. Liu Marcel Dekker Vol. 14, No. 6, Nov, 2003, p. 1580-81 Reviewed by Romero, Gomide
Adaptive blind signal and image processing: Learning Algorithms and Applications A. Cichocki, S. Amari John Wiley & Sons, 2002 Vol. 14, No. 6, Nov, 2003, p. 1580 Reviewed by Jagath C. Rajapakse
Advances in Large Margin Classifiers Smola, Bartlett, Scholkopf, Schuurmans MIT Press 14 (4) July, 968-969, 2003 Reviewed by Irvin King
Advances in the Evolutionary Synthesis of Intelligent Agents Mukesh Patel, Vasant Honavar and Karthik Balakrishnan MIT Press 14 (4) July, 970, 2003 Reviewed by Werner Dubitzky
Pattern Recognition Duda, Hart, Stork J Wiley 14 (4) July, 969-970, 2003 Reviewed by P. Rojas
Data Mining: Concepts, Models, Methods and Algorithms. Mehmood Kantardzic John Wiley and IEEE, 2003 14 (2) March, 464, 2003 Reviewed by Jacek M. Zurada
Information dynamics: foundations and applications. G Deco and B Schürmann Springer Verlag 13 (5) Sept, 1251-1252, 2002 Reviewed by Francisco Camastra
Data mining J. Han, M. Kamber Morgan Kaufmann 13 (5) Sept, 1251, 2002 Reviewed by Zhi-Hua Zhou
Support Vector Machines Nello Christianini, John Shawe-Taylor Cambridge UP 13(3) May, 787, 2002 Reviewed by Klaus-Robert Muller
Future Directions for Intelligent inf. systems, N. Kasabov, ed. Springer (Kacprzyk series) 13(3) May, 786-787, 2002 Reviewed by Tim Hendtlass
Advanced mean field methods: Theory and Practice M. Opper, D. Saad MIT Press 13(3) May, 785, 2002 Reviewed by J. Mandziuk
Learning and soft computing V Kecman MIT Press 13(3) May, 786, 2002 Reviewed by W Duch
Knowledge Based Neurocomputing I. Cloete, J. Zurada MIT Press 13(3) May, 785, 2002 Reviewed by N Kasabov
Advances in ICA M. Girolami ed. Springer 2000 12 (6) 1547, 2001 Reviewed by Te-Won Lee
Supervised and Unsupervised Pattern Recognition: Feature Extraction and Computational Intelligence. Evangelia Micheli-Tzanakou CRC Press 12 (3) 644, 2001 Reviewed by Ke Chen
Multi-valued and Universal Binary Neurons. I.N. Aizenberg, N.N.Aizenberg, J. Vandewalle Kluwer 12 (3) 647, 2001 Reviewed by Vlado Kvasnicka
Feedforward Neural Network Methodology. Terrence Fine Springer 12 (3) 647-8, 2001 Reviewed by Vera Kurkova
Neural and Adaptive Systems: Fundamentals through simulation. Jose C. Principe et. al Wiley 12 (3) 648-9, 2001 Reviewed by Simon Haykin
Faithful Representations and Topographic Maps From Distortion- to Information-based Self-organization. Marc M. Van Hulle Wiley 11 (6) 2000 Reviewed by Antoine Naud, Wlodzislaw Duch
Statistics and Neural Networks: Advances at the Interface. J.W. Kay and D.M. Titterington (eds.) Oxford Univ. Press 11 (6) 1508-9, 2000 Reviewed by Wlodzislaw Duch

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