Current Projects of the Duch Labs
in NeuroCognitive and Computational Intelligence Areas

Warning: rarely updated!

I am now mostly involved in my Neurocognitive Laboratory projects, but also have many unfinished projects in the computational intelligence area.
We should move these project to Wiki pages, right now most people are not adding their contributions!

Each project should include: objectives (short description), list of participants, time schedule, results (papers and talks), list of open problems, and a working log of weekly progress (local access for members of CIL only).
List of publications related to these projects is here.

Active projects 2018

Neurocognitive Laboratory projects (NCL ICNT):

  1. In the quest of sources of brain cognitive activity. Large multidisciplinary collaborative grant, consortium with Nencki Institute and World Hearing Center, Warsaw, co-principal investigator with Andrzej Cichocki (Brain Science Institute, RIKEN, Japan), 2016-21
  2. Development of phonematic hearing and working memory in infants and children (NeuroPerKog). NCN, principal investigator, large multidisciplinary collaborative grant - W. Duch ++ (2013-18)
  3. Platonic theory of mind - W. Duch ++
  4. Understanding neural networks and neurodynamics through visualization - W. Duch + K. Dobosz
  5. Imagery agnosia, slowly starting ... W. Duch, M. Kosik
  6. Neurocognitive approach to language, formation of beliefs and conspiracy theories. - W. Duch, P. Matykiewicz, M. Pilichowski, J. Szymanski
  7. Semantic spaces and word games - W. Duch, J. Szymanski, T. Sarnatowicz, P. Matykiewicz
  8. ASD and ADHD, understanding autism from computational point of view. W. Duch, Krzysztof Dobosz, Grzegorz Wójcik, Darek Mikołajewski, Grzegorz Osiński, Wiesław Nowak, Anna Gogolinska, Karolina Mikulska, Alexander Gravier ...
  9. Brains, consciousness, self, free will and artificial cognitive systems. W. Duch
  10. Other recent projects: global analysis of EEG, brain stem model, states of consciousness, etc ... for some papers look here.

NCU CI/AI projects:

  1. Meta-learning, or learning how to learn - W. Duch, K. Grabczewski, N. Jankowski
  2. Computational creativity - W. Duch, M. Pilichowski
  3. Prototype-based rules and similarity-based learning - M. Blachnik, K. Grudziński, W. Duch
  4. Novel machine learning algorithms - k-separability, projection pursuit networks, universal learning machines, almost random projection machines, transfer learning etc. - W. Duch, M. Grochowski, T. Maszczyk and Co.
  5. Medical Information Retrieval - P. Matykiewicz, J. Pestian, W. Duch
  6. A test-bed for integration of different Humanized Interface Technologies (HIT) - W. Duch, J. Szymanski, T. Sarnatowicz, and the Singapore C2i Center

Other recent CI projects: signal processing (see Tomasz Piotrowski), and search here for more papers.

Projects in bioinformatics: see Jarek Meller and Rafał Adamczak.

Computational Cognitive Science Projects

  1. Associative memory models - W. Duch
  2. Categorization from neurodynamical and psychological perspectives - W. Duch
  3. Models of emotional states of mind - W. Duch
  4. Neural realization of psychological spaces - W. Duch
  5. Neurobiological computational theory of consciousness- W. Duch
  6. Sensorimotor integration - W. Duch, MPPI group
  7. Transpersonal issues in cognitive science - W. Duch

Computational Intelligence Projects (older, but still not dead) 

Neurofuzzy systems

  1. Search-based neural training - M. Kordos, W. Duch
  2. Visualization of neural error functions - M. Kordos, W. Duch
  3. Feature selection and extraction - W. Duch + J. Biesiada
  4. New transfer functions for neural networks - N. Jankowski, W. Duch
  5. Feature space mapping neurofuzzy system - R. Adamczak, W. Duch, N. Jankowski
  6. Initialization of MLP and FSM networks - R. Adamczak, W. Duch, N. Jankowski
  7. Logical capabilities of density networks - K. Grabczewski, W. Duch
  8. Bayesian approach to density estimation networks - W. Duch
  9. RBF-like neural networks - Statistical control of growing and pruning - N. Jankowski
  10. Merging of neurons for neural networks - N. Jankowski


    Logical rule extraction

  12. Logical rule extraction from constrained backpropagation networks - R. Adamczak, R. Grabczewski, W. Duch
  13. Rule extraction from FSM - R. Adamczak, R. Grabczewski, W. Duch
  14. Hybrid neural/machine learning system for logical rule extraction from training data - R. Adamczak, W. Duch, K. Grabczewski, G. Zal


    Dynamical systems and recurrent networks

  16. Symbolic approximations to dynamical systems - T. Kisielewski, W. Duch
  17. Visualization of basins of attractors of dynamical systems performing logical operations - E. Janiak, W. Duch
  18. Approximations to neurodynamics leading to psychological spaces - W. Duch



  20. SOM, MDS and Sammon mapping - A. Naud, W. Duch
  21. Topographical interpolation in SOM networks - A. Naud, W. Duch
  22. Visualization of multidimensional data using SOM/MDS - A. Naud, W. Duch
  23. Classification via reference tokens - A. Naud, W. Duch
  24. Topographically Correct Visualization- W. Duch, ???


    Machine learning and neural networks

  26. Adaptive machine learning methods, synthesis of neural and machine learning methods - K. Grudzinski, W. Duch
  27. Minimal-distance neural classifier - M. Kapiwas, W. Duch


    Applications of computational inteligence

  29. Applications of CI in psychometry - J. Gomula, T. Kucharski, A. Korcala, R. Adamczak, K. Grabczewski, W. Duch
  30. Applications of CI in medical diagnosis - R. Adamczak, W. Duch, K. Grabczewski, G. Zal
  31. Computational intelligence suport for quantum chemistry - W. Duch, K. Grudzinski & Max Planck Astrophysics group


    Other projects

  33. Neural networks and Hidden Markov Models (HMM) for RNA and protein structure prediction - W. Duch, T. Rohn.
  34. Local adaptive coordinate systems, an alternative to neural algorithms - W. Duch
  35. Scaling of neural algorithms - W. Duch
  36. Unified theory of Computational Intelligence: integration of statistical, pattern recognition, neural networks and machine learning views - W. Duch
  37. Complex systems and information theory - W. Duch
  38. Synchronicity and inseparability from the quantum-mechanical point of view - W. Duch

Foundations of Computer Science Projects

  1. Continuous computations, super-Turing machines - W. Duch
  2. Neural Turing machine - W. Duch, N. Jankowski

Other Projects

  1. Hardware and software for auditory discrimination - W. Duch & A. Korcala

Open MSc & PhD Projects

  1. Global optimization methods applied to neural learning
  2. Approximations to the biologically motivated neuron transfer functions
  3. Other MSc/PhD projects (in Polish)
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