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General Resources


Speculations about AI future

Conferences, AI & ML

Logic in AI

Fuzzy logic

Rough Sets:

Case-Based Reasoning, CBR

Nearest Neighbors: Nearest Neighbor Search Algorithms, Kd-trees | David Mount's papers
Decision trees: Recursive Partitioning trees and rules
On Growing Better Decision Trees from Data, Ph.D. thesis by Kolluru Venkata Sreerama Murthy
Zijian Zheng publications

Journals, publishers, books

On-line books, proceedings and courses:

Labs and a few AI experts

Labs in Poland

Machine Learning (see also Neural Networks)

ML Software

Data mining

SIG KDD Explorations Journal and Newsletter | DM Review | IBM Data Mining Papers
Analysis of Data Mining Algorithms paper

Interesting applications:
Zsolutions | Alice-soft DT | CalSci (demo BrainMaker) | MIT GMBH |

Most ambitious AI projects

Brain/mind simullators

Most challenging new projects: iCUB RobotCub | Antropomimetic robot |
Robots performing complex manipulations: video of towel-folding robot |

AI in medicine

Agents, Avatars, Bots, Virtual Humans

Agents: Agent-Based Computing, European network of excellence | AgentLink | AgentNews Webletter | Agent Technologies | Agent Theories, Architectures, and Languages (workshops) | AgentWeb, UMBC | Art Bots, painters and others | Autonomic agents, virtual people | IBM Intelligent Agents | Intelligent Agents Repository | Intelligent Agents from PC-AI | Intelligent Software and Robot Agents, VUB | Learning Intelligent Book Recommending Agent | LemurBot (robotic musical instruments) | MS Agent ring, over 100 sites | Project Persona, Microsoft, check related projects | Prody Parrot, personal assistant from MindMaker | Talking Buddy, agent do wszystkiego |
SICS - Intelligent Software Agents Resources | Web Robots Database |
Autonomous agents 2001 conference
Emergent Behaviour Computing | Dynamic Negotiating Agents (Ronin, Xreggie, Centaurus) |
SciAgent for Multidisciplinary Problem Solving Environments |
Survey of Cognitive and Agent Architectures | CS1 survey | CS2 survey | CS3 survey | CS4 survey | CS5 survey |
Jadex BDI Agents Java software.
Multiagent systems:
Intro to multiagent systems (Vlassis) | Ron Sun multiagent learning papers and links | Dynamics of Multiagent Systems, Xerox | Mike Wooldridge publications, Liverpool |
Virtual humans and avatars: more bots, lingubots, chatterbots here.
Virtual Friends demos (Haptek) | Virtual Bush (Haptek) |
Inteliwise, marketing solutions with avatars
Pulse 3D Veepers, Virtual Personality
Sitepal Vhost flash characters | Sitepal flash characters | Jeremiah simulated face |
Sports trivia game | Speak2me flash | AI oddcast | |
CogWorks Virtual People news | Digital Space Worlds | Active worlds | John Lennon | Virtual worlds company | Talking heads in java | Talking heads (Yale), great site! | Center for Human Modeling and Simulation | Steven Stahlberg gallery | Virtual Humans, Peter Plantec |

Virtual Pets: virtual pet list | AIBO Dog (Sony Europe) and Sony International | TARGET: Task Analysis Rule GEneration Tool | Furby | Tamagotchi |
Robotics: Cognitive Robotics (London) | humanoid robotics news and links | Jumping robots page | Mobile Robot Lab (Georgia) | Osaka Uni | USC Robotics Lab | Stanford robotics lab | Navy tech database |
EU Integrated Projects: Cogniron Project | Neurobotics, Hybrid Bionic Systems | paper archive |
Android world
Robo-cup, robot football | Euro-Robo-cup
Only Robots
Robo-prize czyli walki robotów za milion $ | Robotics Competition (US First) | | Lucy Matilda (CyberLife Research)
Robo-Space |
SGI Robot Zoo, animal biomechnics
Collective Robotic Intelligence Project
WEbots - simulations of robots |
Cye, personal robot
Honda P3 | Honda Asimo | Honda - humanoidal robots
Omron - human media + fuzzy logic
Parc XErox modular reconfigurable robotics | Robita, Waseda Univ | Robota dolls | Swarmbots, EU FET project |
Sony - Qrio robots | AIBO | AIBOnet |
Wakamaru, Mitsubishi Heavy, first commerically sold humanoid (Sept 2005) |
Korean KITECH realistic android
NASA Robotics | Robotics in Japan
Hans Moravec, Carnegi Mellon
Robot sci-tech magazine
Cognitive architectures for robots

NavLab - autonomous vehicles

Autonomous mental development:
IEEE NNS SIG on Autonomous Mental Development with many task forces and links to experts
Cog Project (MIT)
SAIL and Dav projects, MSU: The Developmental Approach to Natural and Machine Intelligence | Emboded intelligence lab |

Robot history
Mr Faber's Amazing Talking Head | Stelarc's Prosthetic Head


Entrez, Genomy (NCBI) | GenBank | data mining tools |
M. Eisen Lab at LBL (Software, Data)
Folding, Stanford page, distributed computing
Bioinformatics PL, Poznan group, L. Rychlewski

E-lib of microarray publications | Critical Assessment of Microarray Data Analysis (CAMDA) |
Some interesting papers:

Bio applications/projects:

Courses and tutorials:

Special Topics

AI Milestones
Abbadingo One: DFA Learning Competition
Adaptive Intelligent Systems: Stanford Knowledge Systems Lab Projects: Knowledge Sharing, Modeling of Physical SystemsAI-applications: Associate Principal Astronomer (NASA) Automated software engineering, NASA, Amphion project Intelligent Applications, from PC-AI | Optical Character Recognition, from PC-AI |
Abductive reasoning - abdukcja: Abductive Inference in Reasoning and Perception | International Research Group on Abductive Inference | Dynamic Evidence Page (P. Tillers) |
Artificial life:, synthetic ecosystems and organisms | Biota A-life links | Artificial Life - intro, Thomas S. Ray | Artificial Life - intro, Carig Reynolds
Association for Uncertainty in AI | Newsletter on decision and reasoning under uncertainty.
Automatic Theorem Proving: Automated Reasoning, Argonne National Lab- info about ATP | Son of BirdBrain - interactive proofs.
Bayesian Networks: Air Force BayesNet | Int. Soc. for Bayesian Analysis | ASA Section on Bayesian Statistical Sciences | Bayesian networks meta-resource | Bayesian belief networks
AI in finances: Advanced Investment Technologies (many books) | AI in Finance w tym NN (including neural stuff) | Data Mining in Finances | FinanceNet WWW Home Page
AI in e-commerce: Multimedia AGent-based Interactive CAtalogues
Handwriting recogniton : Handwriting Recognition Home Page | NICI Handwriting Recognition Group | FineReader (PL)
Expert systems: PC-AI expert systems | PC-AI info on blackboard technology | Soliloquy Dialog Experts |
Games: International Computer Chess Association | Othello | AI in Games | Alpha-Go winning with Lee Sedol | Word games
ESP Game, or human computing, labeling images | Google image labeler |
Genetic/Evolutionary Algorithms: PC-AI info | Emergent behavior computing | Evolutionary and Emergent Behaviour Intelligence (Birmingham) | Genetic Programming notebook | | | John Koza |
Graph Theory: Graph theory and applications
Quantum Neural Computing: (in not too distant future?)
AI and physical computation
Machine translation
Speech recognition and synthesis:

Education & AI

Separate pages

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