Computer-related journals

AI-ML-NN journals

ACM Trans. on Computer-Human Interaction (USA)
AI & Society (UK)
AI Communications (Netherlands)
Annals of Mathematics & Artificial Intelligence (Netherlands)
Applied Artificial Intelligence (UK)
Artificial Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence Review (Netherlands)
Computers & Artificial Intelligence (Slovak)
Computational Intelligence (USA)
Expert Systems (UK) 
Expert Systems with Applications (UK) 
IEEE Trans. Neural Networks (USA)
Network: Computation in Neural Systems (UK)
IEEE Trans. Pattern Analysis & Machine Intelligence (USA)
International Journal of Engineering Intelligent Systems (UK) 
International Journal of Expert Systems (USA)
International Journal of Neural Systems (Singapore)
International Journal of Pattern Recognition & Artificial Intelligence (Singapore)
International Journal of Uncertainty, Fuzziness and Knowledge-Based Systems (IJUFKS)
Journal of Artificial Neural Networks (USA)
Machine Learning (Netherlands)
Machine Translation (Netherlands)
Neural Computation (USA)
Neural Computing & Applications (UK)
Neural Networks (USA)
Neural Parallel & Scientific Computations (USA)
Neurocomputing (Netherlands)
New Generation Computing (Japan)
Pattern Recognition (UK)
Pattern Recognition Letters (Netherlands)

Computer graphics

ACM Trans. on Graphics (USA)
Computers & Graphics (UK) 
IEEE Computer Graphics and Applications Magazine (USA)
IEEE Trans. Visualisation and Computer Graphics (USA)

Other computer-related journals

ACM Trans. on Computer Systems (USA)
ACM Trans. on Database Systems (USA)
ACM Trans. on Design Automation of Electronic Systems (USA) 
ACM Trans. on Information Systems (USA)
ACM Trans. on Mathematical Software (USA)
ACM Trans. on Modeling and Computer Simulation (USA)
ACM Trans. on Programming Languages and Systems (USA)
ACM Trans. on Software Engineering and Methodology (USA)
Advances in Computational Mathematics (Netherlands)
Advances in Engineering Software (UK)
Algorithmica (USA)
Annals of Numerical Mathematics (Netherlands) 
Annals of Operations Research (Netherlands) 
Applied Mathematical Modelling (USA) 
Applied Numerical Mathematics (Netherlands) 
Artificial Life (USA)
Australian Computer Journal (Australia) 
Automated Software Engineering (Netherlands) 
Communication ACM (USA) 
Computational Linguistics (USA)
Computer (USA) 
Computer Aided Design (UK)
Computer-Aided Geometric Design (Netherlands)
Computer Journal, The (UK) 
Computer Languages (UK) 
Computer Networks and ISDN Systems (Netherlands)
Computer Networks for Research in Europe (Netherlands) 
Computer Standards & Interfaces (Netherlands)
Computers & Industrial Engineering (UK) 
Computers in Industry (Netherlands) 
Computers & Security (UK) 
Computing Systems (USA) 
Concurrency: Practice and Experience (UK)
Connection Science (UK) 
Cybernetics & Systems (UK) 
Data Base (USA) 
Data Knowledge & Engineering (Netherlands) 
Decision Support Systems (Netherlands) 
Distributed Systems Engineering Journal (UK) 
European Journal of Information Systems (UK) 
European Journal of Operational Research (Netherlands) 
Evolutionary Computation (USA)
Formal Aspects of Computing (UK) 
Future Generation Computer Systems (Netherlands) 
Fuzzy Sets and Systems (Netherlands) 
IEE Proceedings - Communications (UK) 
IEE Proceedings - Computers & Digitial Techniques (UK
IEE Proceedings - Science, Measurement & Technology (UK) 
IEE Proceedings - Vision, Image & Signal Processing (UK) 
IEEE Computer Aided Design (USA) 
IEEE Computer Science and Engineering Magazine (USA)
IEEE Computer Magazine (USA)
IEEE Expert Magazine (USA)
IEEE Journal Solid-state Circuits (USA) 
IEEE Robotics and Automation Magazine (USA) 
IEEE Software Magazine (USA)
IEEE Trans. Robotics & Automation (USA) 
IEEE Trans. Computer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems (USA) 
IEEE Trans. VLSI Systems (USA) 
IEEE Trans. Circuits & Systems (USA) 
IEEE Trans. Communications (USA) 
IEEE Trans. Computers (USA)
IEEE Trans. Knowledge & Data Engineering (USA)
IEEE Trans. on Parallel and Distributed Systems (USA)
IEEE Trans. Software Engineering (USA)
IEEE Trans. Systems, Man & Cybernetics (USA) 
IEEE/ACM Trans. Networking (USA) 
Image and Vision Computing (UK)
Information Sciences (USA)
Information Systems (UK) 
Information Systems Journal (UK) 
Information Systems Management (USA) 
Information Systems Security (USA) 
International Journal in Computer Simulation (USA) 
International Journal of Algebra and Computation (Singapore) 
International Journal of Computational Geometry & Applications (Singapore) 
International Journal of Computer Vision (Netherlands) 
International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science (Singapore) 
International Journal of High Speed Computing (Singapore) 
International Journal of Human Computer Interaction (USA) 
International Journal of Human Computer Studies (UK) 
International Journal of Parallel Programming (USA) 
International Journal of Robotics & Automation (Canada)
International Journal of Robotics Research (USA)
International Journal of Software Engineering & Knowledge Engineering (Singapore) 
International Journal of Supercomputer Applications (USA)
International Journal of Systems Science (UK)
International Journal of Virtual Reality (USA)
Integration, the VLSI Journal (Netherlands)
Interacting with Computers (UK)
Interfaces (USA)
Journal of Algorithms (UK)
Journal of the American Society of Information Science (USA)
Journal of Automated Reasoning (Netherlands)
Journal of Circuits, Systems & Computers (Singapore)
Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience (USA)
Journal of Computational and Applied Mathematics (Netherlands)
Journal of Educational Computing Research (USA)
Journal of High Speed Networks (Netherlands)
Journal of Information Science (UK)
Journal of Information Science - Principles & Practice (UK)
Journal of Logic and Computation (UK)
Journal of Logic, Language and Information (Netherlands)
Journal of Object Oriented Programming (USA)
Journal of Organizational Computing (USA)
Journal of Parallel and Distributed Computing (UK)
Journal of Scientific Computing (USA)
Journal of Supercomputing (Netherlands)
Journal of Symbolic Computation (UK)
Journal of Systems and Software, The (USA)
Journal of Systems Architecture (Netherlands)
Journal of the Operational Research Society (UK)
Journal of the ACM (USA)
Knowledge and Information Systems (Springer)
Knowledge Based Systems (UK)
Kybernetes (UK)
Languages of Design (Netherlands)
LISP and Symbolic Computation (Netherlands)
Math Program
Mathematical Systems Theory (USA)
Mathematics and Computers in Simulation (Netherlands)
Microprocessors and Microsystems (UK)
Natural Language Engineering (UK)
Networks: An International Journal (USA)
NTIS Alert: Computers Control and Information Theory (UK)
Numerical Algorithms (Netherlands)
Operations Research Letters (Netherlands)
Optimization (Netherlands)
OR Insight (UK)
ORSA Journal on Computing (USA)
Parallel Computing (Netherlands)
Performance Evaluation (Netherlands)
Programming and Computer Software (USA)
Queueing Systems (Netherlands)
Robotics and Autonomous Systems (Netherlands)
Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems (Denmark)
Science of Computer Programming (Netherlands)
SIAM Journal of Computing (USA)
SIAM Journal of Discrete Maths (USA)
SIAM Journal of Numerical Analysis (USA)
SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing (USA)
Simulation (USA)
Simulation Practice and Theory (Netherlands)
Software Engineering Journal (UK)
Software Process - Improvement and Practice (UK)
Software Quality Journal (UK)
Software Testing Verification and Reliability (USA)
Systems and Computers in Japan (USA)
Structured Programming (USA)
Telematics and Informatics (UK)
Theoretical Computer Science (Netherlands)
User Modelling and User-Adapted Interaction (Netherlands)
Visual Computer (Germany)
VLSI Design (Netherlands)

Włodzisław Duch, February 2000