Włodzisław Duch, Department of Informatics

Institute of Technical Sciences, Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics, and
NeuroCognitive Laboratory, Centre for Modern Interdisciplinary Technologies, | Nicolaus Copernicus University.
University Centre of Excellence Dynamics, Mathematical Analysis and Artificial Intelligence (Neuroinformatics and Artificial Intelligence).

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Scientific activities: Open all topics

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Intelligence algorithms |
  2. Computational intelligence: A. General CI/ML | B. Feature selection | C. Decision trees and separability criterion | D. Heterogenous systems | E. Other machine learning algorithms
  3. Meta-learning
  4. Neural Networks: A. Novel neural network models | B. Feature Space Mapping | C. Floating Gaussian Mapping | D. Novel neural transfer functions | E. Applications of neural networks
  5. Neural networks for data understanding. A. Data understanding | B. MLP2LN algorithm | C. Prototype-based logical rules | D. Understanding neural network functions through visualization
  6. Similarity-based methods. A. Framework for similarity based methods | B. Variants of similarity based methods
  7. Text Processing. A. Natural Language Processing | B. Neurocognitive NLP | C. Information Retrieval
  8. Visualization methods. A. Visualization of dynamics | B. Visualization of static data |

  9. Books: Our Books | Books - Conferences Proceedings |
  10. Forthcoming papers, abstracts and posters. A. In print | B. Posters

  11. Brain functions: A. Consciousness | B. Neurodynamics. | C. Imagery. | D. Cognitive science. | E. Brain signals. | F. Other brain functions. |
  12. Neuroinformatics and mental models: A. Neuroinformatics, memory | B. Autism Spectrum Disorders | C. Brain stem models | D. Brain Disorders |
  13. Cognitive systems/technologies. A. Cognitive architectures and models | B. Mind-brain relations | C. Computational Creativity | D. Cognitive training systems | E. Medical applications |
  14. Cognitive Psychology and Philosophy

  15. Computational physics/chemistry
  16. Foundation of physics.

  17. Patents and inventions and awards for inventions
  18. Popular articles (most in Polish): A. Sztuczna inteligencja | B. Nauki kognitywne i edukacja | C. Science policy/Polityka naukowa | D. Interviews and media (Wywiady i media)