Seminar 26.11.2018

Ewa Ratajczak, MSc, Department of Informatics, NCU: “Addressing the methodological gaps in HRV-biofeedback technique: training success criterion and the placebo effect”

Presentation of results collected upon realization of the Polish National Science Center grant Preludium 9 “BrainHeart. The influence of HRV-biofeedback training on dynamics of attentional processes and divergent thinking”. During the study we attempted to address certain methological problems of the HRV-biofeedback field. A new control control condition was developed which takes into account the placebo effect – Sham HRV-biofeedback, together with a method testing its credibility. Moreover, a training success criterion index was devised. The YETI index is based on the quality of training sessions and may serve as an inclusion criterion, including into the study only the properly training participants.