Seminar 25.11.2019

Michał Komorowski, MSc, Department of Informatics, NCU: “Spectral Fingerprinting – functional distance and networks”

To study human brain is to discover mechanisms of human cognition, causes of mental disorders and motivations of our behavior. Each brain region tends to generate unique pattern of activity that is correlated with those mechanisms. An original approach by Anne Keitel and Joachim Gross (“Individual human brain areas can be identified from their characteristic spectral activation fingerprints”, PLoS Biol, t. 14, nr 6, s. e1002498, 2016), called Spectral Fingerprinting, is able to distinguish different brain regions from each other and expose their internal dynamics. My ultimate long term goal of studying this method is to reimplement it to be working with EEG signals. It is hoped to open new possibilities of analyzing deeper brain regions and their dynamics. During presentation I covered most recent results from studying spectral fingerprints obtained from The Human Connectome Project dataset, introduced new measure for comparing spectral fingerprints and described my plans for the future research.