Dynamical Systems

Visualize and analyze attractor dynamics of complex dynamical systems like neural networks.

Biological / Medical Data

Use implemented methods to understand of biological and medical multiple source signals.

Financial Data

Observe financial data changing over time.
Identify trends and cyclical patterns occurring in stock prices.

Dimensionality Reduction

Reduce data dimensionality using Fuzzy Symbolic Dynamics, Multidimensional Scaling and Principal Component Analysis.

Recurrence Analysis

Find recurrent behavior in collected data using Recurrence Plots and Prototype Distance Plots.

Short- & Long-Term Behavior

Analyze short- and long-term behavior of your systems, including specific system states reached during evolution process.


Use extended recursive entropic segmentation scheme for applications to biological sequences and other time series.


Analyze the similarity of examined subjects using correlation based functions and pair correlation approach.


Adjust parameters of implemented techniques to experience the best results for your individual cases.


Respiratory Rhythm Generator

Lorenz Attractor

Orbits swap in Lorenz Attractor

Dow Jones Stock Index

Cyclic Movements Model

Long simulation of Dyslexia Model

Model of Word Reading and Dyslexia

Lorenz Attractor

Sliding Attractor in Autistic Cyclic Movements Model

Epileptic EEG data

PDP for Dyslexia Model

PDP for Lorenz Attractor

Trajectory and prototypes of Dyslexia Model

2D MDS for flag word in Dyslexia Model

3D MDS for flag word in Dyslexia Model

Segmentation Diagram

Average Number of Boundaries

Segment Length Distribution

Clusterization Dendrogram

Ordered Correlation Diagram

Pair Correlation Dendrogram

Pair Correlation Coefficient


Runtime required for execution
  • Install this if you don't have
    MATLAB installed on your system
  • VISER Toolbox require R2013a (8.1) version of runtime libraries
Beta not fully tested
  • This is the latest beta release i.e. not recommended for most users ;)
  • Current beta version:

Sample data

Additionally you can download a sample data pack that will allow to reconstruct most of the above examples:   Sample-Data-Pack.zip



You can download the latest manual for VISER Toolbox at this link: in preparation.


Below you can find some useful papers covering the topic of methods implemented in VISER toolbox:


Some helpful links:

Recurrence Plots and Cross Recurrence Plots by N. Marwan:
ICALAB – Toolbox for ICA, BSS and BSE by A. Cichocki et al.:

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Segmantation and clusterization module implementation.

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Supervision of segmantation and clusterization techniques.

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