Most papers are in PDF linked to on-line publication list or linked to my personal publication list.
Papers are in reverse chronological order.

Many PPT presentations illustrate some of my ideas, see the list of talks here, for example "Mind from brain: physics & neuroscience", "Conscious mind as a limit of brain-like computing", "Attractor neural networks and concept formation in psychological spaces", or 1995 talk "Towards a plausible theory of mind".

See also related projects on computational creativity and on semantic spaces and word games, focusing on neurocognitive approach to language. We and many other groups are now making progress using EEG and fMRI signal analysis that show certain aspects of signals related to mental events.
This is rather different approach than Leonid Perlovsky "Physics of Mind".

The best initial introduction to my model is in:

Closely related, but in Polish:

Computational models inspired by the Platonic theory:

Other related papers:

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