Title: Computational Creativity

  • Participants: W³odzis³aw Duch, Maciej Pilichowski
  • Dates: 2005 - present
  • Goals: Develop computational approach to creativity.

    Motivation and general info:
    Creativity is one of the least understood human faculties.
    Understand it at the neurocognitive level, do something creative computationally.
    Initiate an interdisciplinary program with neuropsychology, neuroscience and neurocognitive informatics.
    Focus on language.

    Some talks are here; papers are linked below and more papers are here.

    Links on creativity, including books, conferences, etc.
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    See also:

    Duch W, Neurocognitive Informatics Manifesto.
    In: Series of Information and Management Sciences, California Polytechnic State University, 8th Int Conf on Information and Management Sciences (IMS 2009), Kunming-Banna, Yunan, China, pp. 264-282.

  • Duch W, Matykiewicz P, Pestian J, Towards Understanding of Natural Language: Neurocognitive Inspirations. | PDF file.
    Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Vol. 4668, 953–962, 2007.
  • Duch W, Matykiewicz P, and Pestian J, Neurolinguistic Approach to Natural Language Processing with Applications to Medical Text Analysis. | Abstract and PDF file.
    Neural Networks 21(10), 1500-1510, 2008 (on-line from Science Direct).

    Some relevant issues:

    Some interesting papers:

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