EANN '99

Fifth International Conference on
Engineering Applications of Neural Networks

Warsaw, Poland
13-15 September 1999

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The conference is a forum for presenting the latest results on neural network applications in technical fields. The applications may be in any engineering or technical field, including but not limited to:

systems engineering, mechanical  engineering, robotics, process engineering,  metallurgy,  pulp and  paper technology,  aeronautical engineering, computer science, machine vision, chemistry, chemical engineering, physics, electrical  engineering,  electronics, civil engineering, geophysical  sciences, biomedical systems, and environmental engineering.

Various sessions are organised and the responsibilities for some of the sessions have been divided to some extent from this year. The two page abstracts (about 1000 words) related to the following areas may be sent directly to the person(s) coordinating the session.

Control systems E. Tulunay, etulunay@ed.eee.metu.edu.tr
A. Ruano, aruano@ualg.pt
Vision/Image processing S. Draghici, sod@cs.wayne.edu
Hybrid systems J. Fernandez de Canete, canete@ctima.uma.es
D. Tsaptsinos, D.Tsaptsinos@kingston.ac.uk
Process Engineering R. Baratti, baratti@unica.it
Biomedical systems W. Duch
Metallurgy P. Myllykoski, pirkka.myllykoski@hut.fi
Meteorology C. Schizas, schizas@ucy.ac.cy

Papers which do not fit any of the above categories can be sent to the common address of the conference which is

Deadline: 15 February  1999

Format: in plain text format, Tex or LaTeX format (for other formats please email eann99 at the previous address).

Please mention two to four  keywords.  Submissions will be reviewed.

For information on  earlier  EANN  conferences  see the WWW pages here.

Important dates:
Notification of acceptance will be sent around 15 March.
The final papers will be expected by 15 April.
All papers will be up to 6 pages in length. Please read the instructions for preparation of the final version of your manuscript
Authors are expected to register by 15 April.

Authors are encouraged to send the abstracts to the conference address instead of the organisers of the special tracks.

Organising committee

R. Baratti, University of Cagliari, Italy
L. Bobrowski, Polish Academy of Science, Poland
A. Bulsari, Nonlinear Solutions Oy, Finland
W. Duch, Nicholas Copernicus University, Poland
J. Fernandez de Canete, University of Malaga, Spain
A. Ruano, University of Algarve, Portugal
D. Tsaptsinos, Kingston University, UK

National program committee

L. Bobrowski, International Centre of Biocybernetics, Polish Academy of Science, Warsaw
A. Cichocki, RIKEN, Japan
W. Duch, Nicholas Copernicus University
T. Kaczorek, Warsaw University of Technology
J. Korbicz, Technical University of Zielona Gora
L. Rutkowski, Technical University of Czestochowa
R. Tadeusiewicz, University of Mining and Metallurgy, Cracow
Z. Waszczyszyn, Cracow University of Technology

International program committee

S. Cho, Pohang University of Science and Technology, Korea
T. Clarkson, King's College, UK
S. Draghici, Wayne State University, USA
G. Forsgrén, Stora Corporate Research, Sweden
I. Grabec, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
A. Iwata, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan
C. Kuroda, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
H. Liljenström, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
L. Ludwig, University of Tubingen, Germany
M. Mohammadian, Monash University, Australia
P. Myllykoski, Helsinki University of Technology, Finland
A. Owens, DuPont, USA
R. Parenti, Ansaldo Ricerche, Italy
F. Sandoval, University of Malaga, Spain
C. Schizas, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
E. Tulunay, Middle East Technical University, Turkey
S. Usui, Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan
F. Wysotzki, Technical University of Berlin, Germany
P. Zufiria, Polytechnic University of Madrid, Spain