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Address: Department of Informatics,    School of Physics, Astronomy and Informatics,   Nicolaus Copernicus University,   ul. Grudziadzka 5,  87-100 TorunPoland; and
Neurocognitive Laboratory, Centre for Modern Interdisciplinary Technologies, Nicolaus Copernicus University,   ul. Wileńska 4,  87-100 TorunPoland.
Phone: +48-56-611 3267 (DI office) or +48-56-611-3310 (central); fax:+48-56-622 5397 (secretariat)
WWW: http://www.is.umk.pl/~duch/ (or better "W. Duch" in Google or other search engines) | e-mail: wduchis.umk.pl.

  • INNS Board of Governors voted to induct me into their College of Fellows.
  • In July 2013 our Symfonia project "NeuroPerKog: development of phonematic hearing and working memory in infants and children" got about 1 mln USD funding.
  • We need people! Positions are at the PhD student, teaching assistant, postdock and adiunkt (assist. prof) level, see official jobs offfers.

Forthcoming and recent talks: list of presentations and a list of conferences with talk titles.

Personal info: Curriculum Vitae | short CV | Plans, conferences
Teaching: weekly schedule, lecture notes for various courses, in HTML and PPT | on-line talks in English and in Polish
Research: publications | research resume | PhD/MSc project proposals | My collaborators | Student projects
Department of Informatics, NCU: On-line publications | List of the CI Lab projects | GhostMiner data ming | our software
WWW pages that I maintain, available on Wikispaces
WWW pages for journals and books
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